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Sarah Murphy Named ARL Visiting Program Officer to Salary Survey Task Force

Sarah Murphy

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has appointed Sarah Murphy as a visiting program officer (VPO) to support the Salary Survey Task Force starting in July 2019. Murphy is professor and coordinator of assessment at The Ohio State University (OSU) Libraries. The task force, recommended by the ARL Research and Analytics Committee, will review the current ARL Annual Salary Survey and propose improvements to the collection of salary information from member libraries for the FY 2020–2021 cycle.

As a VPO, Murphy will work with Sue Baughman, ARL interim program director for Research and Analytics, and Joe Salem, university librarian and director of the Michigan State University Libraries, chair of the ARL Salary Survey Task Force, and a member of the ARL Research and Analytics Committee. Murphy will draw upon her deep experience in data collection and analysis to support the task force in its review of Salary Survey components and analysis of ARL library feedback regarding the survey. She will also help manage the overall project.

A frequent presenter at the biennial Library Assessment Conference, Murphy has published two books and several papers on measuring, analyzing, and improving library services. She regularly conceives of and manages large, multi-faceted assessment projects, working with individuals both inside and outside the OSU Libraries.

“The Ohio State University is very pleased to support Sarah Murphy as a visiting program officer for the ARL Salary Survey Task Force,” said Damon Jaggars, vice provost and director of University Libraries at The Ohio State University. “The Salary Survey collects important information that we use to make critical decisions. With Sarah’s background in library assessment and managing projects, she will make strong contributions to this effort.”

The ARL Visiting Program Officer program provides opportunities for outstanding staff members at ARL member libraries and archives to contribute to special projects and programs, either in whole or in part, in order to advance the agenda of the Association. Visit the ARL website for more information about the Visiting Program Officer program.

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