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SCOAP3 Open Access Publishing Initiative to Launch January 1

image © CERN, credit Lucas Taylor

Under the leadership of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, partners in 24 countries are participating in the largest-scale global open access initiative ever built—SCOAP3. Involving an international collaboration of more than 1,000 libraries, library consortia, and research organizations, SCOAP3 will make it possible for a significant percentage of scientific articles in the field of high-energy physics to become open access at no cost for any author and with a reduction of subscription fees for libraries. Everyone will be able to read the articles, authors will retain copyright, and generous licenses will enable wide re-use of this information.

For more details about the January 1, 2014, launch, see the recent SCOAP3 news release. For information on US library participation in SCOAP3, visit the LYRASIS website; for information on Canadian participation, visit the CKRN website

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