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Tributes to Library Assessment Career Achievement Award Winners Now Online

video tribute to Sam KalbARL has released YouTube videos of presentations honoring the 2012 Library Assessment Career Achievement Award Winners, along with transcripts of the awardees’ acceptance speeches. These awards recognize individuals with substantial contributions to effective, sustainable, and practical library assessment as evidenced through presentations, publications, methods, service, advocacy, and other work. The 2012 awardees are Karin De Jager and Joan Rapp from South Africa, Sam Kalb from Canada, and Donald W. King from the United States.

Videorecordings of the tributes to Sam Kalb and Donald King are available on ARL’s YouTube channel. The video honoring Kalb includes contributions from Katherine McColgan and Brent Roe of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries and Chris Conway and Martha Whitehead of Queen’s University, while the video honoring King includes contributions from Carol Tenopir of University of Tennessee, Bruce Kingma of Syracuse University, Ken Wise of University of Tennessee, Gayle Baker of University of Tennessee, and the LibValue project team. Transcripts of the remarks made by the awardees are available from the Library Assessment Conference website.

The Library Assessment Career Achievement Awards are offered in conjunction with the biennial Library Assessment Conference organized by the Association of Research Libraries, the University of Virginia, and the University of Washington. The awards were presented on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, during the conference in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more information about the awardees, see the October 23 ARL news release announcing the 2012 winners.

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