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U Calgary Libraries Recognized for Dedication to Students

Tom Hickerson, photo courtesy U Calgary Students’ Union

On May 2, 2014, the University of Calgary Students’ Union presented a Presidential Citation to Tom Hickerson, vice-provost for Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) at Calgary, recognizing LCR for outstanding achievement in the area of student support. The Students’ Union credited a strong partnership between LCR and students with enhancing the learning experience.

Students’ Union president Raphael Jacob noted that LCR is “making the library as user-friendly as possible,” citing extended hours and other initiatives, such as Peer Roamers, student volunteers who give directions and provide assistance with writing and searching for library materials.

This is the second time that Libraries and Cultural Resources has received a Presidential Citation from the Students’ Union during Hickerson’s time as vice-provost. In 2010, LCR was recognized for its contributions to the student experience.

For more information about the award, see the May 12 UToday article by Jennifer Sowa, “Libraries and Cultural Resources Recognized for Dedication to Students.”