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U Saskatchewan Library Inaugurates Aboriginal Internship

Jessica Generoux, image © U Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan has appointed its first Aboriginal library intern, Jessica Generoux, whose vision is to sustain Aboriginal identity, culture, values, teachings, and knowledge. The university is paying her tuition for the online master’s degree program in information and library science at the University of Buffalo.

The library established an Aboriginal internship to better engage Aboriginal people through a workforce that is more representative of the community. Aboriginal engagement is a key component of the university’s third integrated plan, “Promise and Potential.”

University of Saskatchewan library dean Vicki Williamson notes that there are very few Aboriginal librarians in Canada. She hopes that this internship will encourage more Aboriginal students to become librarians, as well as enhance the library’s service to Aboriginal users.

For more details, see the December 5, 2014, University of Saskatchewan news article, “Modern Knowledge Keeper.”