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Virginia Tech Libraries Advance Digital Scholarship: 22nd Profile in ARL Series

screenshot of architectural drawings by Sigrid Rupp from International Archive of Women in Architecture
image courtesy of International Archive of
Women in Architecture, Virginia Tech

The latest installment in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) series highlighting digital scholarship work at ARL member libraries features Virginia Tech.

The Virginia Tech profile, written by ARL director of Scholars and Scholarship, Judy Ruttenberg, presents an overview of digital scholarship support provided by the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. The profile describes staffing, services, funding, partnerships, projects, successes, challenges, and opportunities.

Three projects are spotlighted in the Virginia Tech profile: The Women of Design Project, which digitized 31 manuscript collections from international women architects, creating files and metadata for 126,000+ items; Open Textbooks, a project that makes textbooks freely available online and licensed for redistribution and, in some cases, editing and modification; and Developing Library Cyberinfrastructure Strategy for Big Data Sharing and Reuse, which created a broadly adaptable strategy for managing big data to ensure that future researchers will still be able to access and reuse it.

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