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Washington State University Libraries Support Digital Scholarship: Ninth Profile in ARL Series

WSU Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation

The latest installment in the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) series highlighting digital scholarship support at ARL member libraries features the work of the Washington State University (WSU) Libraries.

The Washington State University profile, written by ARL visiting program officer Catherine Davidson, presents a brief history of the evolution of digital scholarship support at the university, highlighting the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation (CDSC). The center, established in 2014, was the culmination of longstanding collaborations between WSU Libraries and the College of Arts and Sciences. The CDSC serves the WSU and broader communities by cultivating digital projects and tool development, with a focus on indigenous cultural heritage and the ethical considerations associated with curating, sharing, and preserving such materials.

This profile describes the current work of the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation, including information about staffing, collaboration, outreach, programs, and funding. The profile concludes with a discussion of how the CDSC is looking to the future to heighten awareness of the need to balance openness with sensitivity to the unique requirements of cultural materials.

Three established projects are featured in the profile: Mukurtu, a project that began as an archive of the Warumungu community in Australia and has evolved to develop an online platform that is being extended for use by other tribal archives, libraries, and museums; the Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal, which is built on the Mukurtu CMS and provides access to cultural materials from numerous tribes of the Pacific Northwest; and the Sustainable Heritage Network, offering education, training, and collaborative online space to a community of tribal archivists, librarians, and museum specialists.

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