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Advancing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality: Duke University

by Deborah Jakubs | Rita DiGiallonardo Holloway University Librarian and Vice Provost for Library Affairs | on March 1, 2016

Duke University Archives (UA) is crawling (collecting) tweets with hashtags (using TAGS) that relate to current activism at Duke, including #dukeenrage, #dukeyouareguilty, #DUBetter.

Through our Archive-It account, UA is collecting several websites related to current activism, and continues to collect student-group webpages.

UA has held five “pop up” events in the main library lobby about student-group records (YOLO: Your Organizations Live On), showing a sampling and talking with students about collecting their own group’s materials.

UA staff have met directly with some student groups involved in current activism, including Mi Gente and Blue Devils United, to discuss placing their materials in the University Archives.

Inspired by a program developed by Bergis Jules at The George Washington University, the Duke University Archives is working with faculty to provide opportunities for students to conduct in-depth research into traditionally underrepresented populations on campus.

UA will be involved in a 2016–2017 Bass Connections course about Duke memorials and names, which will have students doing deep research into the holdings of UA.

The university archivist has been designated a “resource” to a newly formed Task Force on Hate and Bias.

At the suggestion of the university archivist, a portrait of Julian Abele—African American architect and chief designer of historic Duke University buildings—was added to the Gothic Reading Room, where it hangs alongside the portraits of Duke presidents and other notable figures in Duke’s history.

The university archivist is serving as a member of a newly formed committee to make additional recommendations on how to commemorate Julian Abele on campus.

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