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SPEC Kit 344: Talent Management (November 2014)

This SPEC Kit explores whether ARL member libraries are using talent management strategies in the recruitment, retention, and development of a workforce needed to support the transformation of academic and research libraries. This SPEC Kit investigates ARL libraries’ approaches to the following areas of talent management: talent strategy, recruitment and hiring, retention, employee engagement, job classification management, compensation management, performance assessment, competencies, professional development planning, and leadership and succession planning. This study includes information about all categories of library employees except student (undergraduate or graduate), temporary, seasonal, or contract employees.

This SPEC Kit includes examples of competency models, staff development plans, and performance assessment processes.

Link to the free online SPEC Kit 344 on the ARL Digital Publications website.

A print copy is available for $50.00 ($40.00 ARL members) plus shipping and handling.

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