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Webinar—Outreach and Engagement (SPEC Kit 361)

SPEC Kit 361, Outreach and Engagement, captures a snapshot of how ARL member libraries are defining their outreach and engagement programs, how they are assigning and structuring responsibilities, and how they are measuring the success and impact of their efforts.

The Outreach and Engagement webinar reviewed survey findings reported by ARL member libraries in July 2018. The presenters were Shannon L. Farrell, natural resources librarian at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities; Stephanie J. Graves, director of learning and outreach at Texas A&M University Libraries; Sarah LeMire, first-year programs coordinator at Texas A&M University Libraries; and Kristen L. Mastel, outreach and instruction librarian at the University of Minnesota.

Webinar slides: outreach-engagement-webinar-slides.pdf6.44 MB

This webinar aired December 13, 2018 (47 minutes).


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