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Scholars & Scholarship

In partnership with research and learning communities, it is an ARL priority to align library strategy, staffing, and spending to advance the principles and practices of open scholarship. Through collective action, we will substantially increase the amount of high-quality scholarship that is openly available, support our membership to advance “open science by design” within their own institutions, and provide leadership on high-impact collective collections initiatives.

Research libraries are distinguished by missions to provide access to and sustain knowledge for future generations. They partner in the creation of new research and scholarship while they also manage vast collections in print, special collections, media, and more. A new openness in scholarly and research environments is transforming how knowledge is created, shared, and sustained. Open practices accelerate the dissemination of scholars’ work and improve its quality, impact, and reach. Research libraries will be most effective as leaders in the transformation to open scholarship when they are deeply engaged with scholarly communities and when they act collectively to reduce the friction between our users and the information they seek and create.

Contact Cynthia Hudson Vitale (cvitale@arl.org) to find out how you can get involved.