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  • Katherine Klosek

    Katherine Klosek

    Director of Information Policy


    ext. 104

    As a member of the ARL Scholarship and Policy team, Katherine Klosek formulates Association positions on key information policy debates, and develops and implements advocacy strategies to advance the Association’s...

  • Anam Mian

    Anam Mian

    Research Analyst


    ext. 133

    Anam Mian is a research analyst for ARL’s Research and Analytics program. Her responsibilities include coordinating, analyzing, and verifying data for ARL’s annual surveys. Prior to joining ARL, Anam’s professional...

  • Samantha Musser

    Samantha Musser

    Program Manager


    ext. 125

    Samantha Musser joined ARL in September 2021 as a program manager. Sam provides support to the Member Engagement and Outreach Committee, the Program Strategy Committee, the Board of Directors, and...

  • Angela Pappalardo

    Angela Pappalardo

    Program Manager


    ext. 140

    Angela Pappalardo joined ARL in 2013. She supports the Advocacy and Public Policy, Scholars and Scholarship, and Research and Analytics programs. She is responsible for the Association's information management and...

  • Gary Roebuck

    Gary Roebuck

    Deputy Executive Director


    ext. 137

    Gary Roebuck is deputy executive director of ARL. Appointed to this position in January 2021, he leads the Association’s Finance and Administration functions as well as leading the staff in...

  • Judy Ruttenberg

    Judy Ruttenberg

    Senior Director of Scholarship and Policy


    ext. 112

    Judy Ruttenberg leads ARL's priority areas of Advocacy & Public Policy and Scholars & Scholarship, with a strong emphasis on open science and open scholarship (including new publishing models), and...

  • Mira Swearer

    Mira Swearer

    Senior Program Manager


    ext. 118

    Mira Swearer started at ARL in 2017. She currently supports the Learning and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion areas including the implementation and administration of ARL’s Kaleidoscope Program. Previously, Mira interned...

  • Shawna Taylor

    Shawna Taylor

    Project Manager, Realities of Academic Data Sharing


    Shawna Taylor joined the ARL team in January 2022 as project manager for the US National Science Foundation–funded Realities of Academic Data Sharing initiative. In this capacity, Shawna is working...