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Mary Lee Kennedy

Executive Director


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As executive director, Mary Lee Kennedy leads the development of and implements ARL’s strategic direction. She builds on ARL’s strengths as a leader and partner in the research and learning...

  • Jessica Aiwuyor

    Jessica Aiwuyor

    Senior Director of Communications


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    Jessica Aiwuyor is the senior director of Communications for the Association of Research Libraries. She is responsible for leading a narrative strategy to deepen and expand the understanding of research...

  • Jessica Andrade

    Jessica Andrade

    Associate Director of Board and Member Relations


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    Jessica Andrade is the associate director of Board and member relations for ARL. She is responsible for Board of Directors planning and administration, member relations, and working with the executive...

  • Sue Baughman

    Sue Baughman

    Deputy Executive Director


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    Sue Baughman is the deputy executive director of ARL. Her responsibilities include promoting and facilitating the strategic development of ARL policies and programs. In addition, she engages in issue analysis and...

  • Kevin Borden

    Kevin Borden

    Senior Director of Research and Analytics


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    Kevin Borden is the senior director of Research and Analytics for ARL. Kevin leads the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of all Research and Analytics functions. He informs and works with...

  • Ryan Brennan

    Ryan Brennan



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    Ryan Brennan joined the ARL staff in October 2015. He is the part-time accountant responsible for day-to-day accounting and financial oversight of the organization. Ryan is well versed in not-for-profit...

  • Amy Bulgrien

    Amy Bulgrien

    Director, Events and Programming


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    Amy Bulgrien joined the ARL staff in December 2013. She leads planning for ARL's flagship events as well as supervises administration for the Association's programs. Amy has experience in communications,...

  • Emery Durnan

    Emery Durnan

    Office and Events Assistant


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    Emery Durnan is the office assistant for ARL. She assists with scheduling, administrative duties, and meeting planning. Before working at ARL, Emery was a conference planner at a nonprofit working...

  • Deborah R. Grayson

    Deborah R. Grayson

    Senior Director, Leadership and Organizational Development


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    Deborah Grayson is the senior director, Leadership and Organizational Development for ARL. She is creating a vision and designing, developing, and implementing a strategy for leadership and organizational development at...

  • Henry Gross

    Henry Gross

    Senior Applications Developer


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    Henry Gross is the applications developer in the Statistics and Assessment Program. He writes the code that powers the StatsQUAL platform, including the LibQUAL+ and ARL Statistics websites. Prior to...

  • Kaylyn Groves

    Kaylyn Groves

    Senior Writer and Editor


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    Kaylyn Groves is responsible for developing clear, compelling, effective communications to tell ARL’s stories across multiple media. She helps maintain the ARL “voice,” consistent messages, and high editorial standards in...